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AdvantageCard Community Rewards Program

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What is the AdvantageCard Community Rewards Program?
The AdvantageCard Community Rewards Program is a community-wide network designed to support Community Groups through every-day spending of supporters at partner businesses.

Community Groups - members of the program e.g. schools, sports clubs, non-for-profit organisations
Supporter’s - families, friends and anyone who would like to contribute and support a Community Group and at the same time take advantage of savings.
Partnered Businesses - local and online businesses that are members of the program and commit a percentage of their sales towards participating Community Groups.


Click on the video to see how you can raise money for your local Community group

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Parents, friends and supporters can now fundraise for their chosen Community Group, through the AdvantageCard Community Rewards Program, simply by doing business with Community Partners.

We will be adding new Community Groups and Partners to the website as they join, so keep checking the site for an up to date list.

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